Welcome to Lake Denton Camp!
Lake Denton Camp
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Touching Lives Through God's Love


thanks you for your interest in our camp.  We are currently in a transitionary season as a camp. We are reevaluating our summer camp programming and also, working on a building campaign to give the campgrounds some much needed TLC. We are very excited at what God has in store for the camp and can't wait to share with you more details in the months that follow.  If you have any questions about the camp or would like to offer support please contact the board of directors:

Paul VonMerveldt- 863-441-2394

Mike Negley- 863-368-0053

Kelli Prescott- 863-441-0736

Andrea Thompson- 863-781-3932

Andy Judah-863-381-9984

Chris Bishop-863-781-5572